Let’s create emails that rock.


And sell like a wine vendor at a mom’s conference. {yes, please}

Hi there, I’m Tara Arndt.  I’m a launch specialist, direct marketer and educator on all things email marketing – how to start, how to grow and how to use email to increase your profits.

I’ll show you how to set up your email list with simple, easy steps. Cut through all the confusion and complicated tech — I promise it won’t feel like teaching my 8 year old how to drive.


From Bowflex to Sawdust

I managed Customer Acqusition & Retention for Bowflex and ran point on Email and Direct Mail.  10 years later, I worked my way up and was responsible for $40 million benjamins annually.

Wowza. It was wild.

Huge product launches. Million dollar budgets. A consumer database that would make your heart skip a beat. I LOVED it.

That is, until I had my third baby and couldn’t remember the last time I unpacked my suitcase. 

So, I did what any rational person with 10 years of Direct Marketing experience would do…I quit. And started a woodworking business.

BTS at a Bowflex photoshoot. Long days – not glamorous.

Where were all the emails?

It’s like my favorite book I read my kids “Grace Runs for President”…where were all the female presidents? Where were all the EMAILS?

As a woodworker I met some freaking rad people. They were solopreneurs. Had online shops. Dreamers. Hustlers.

But NO one was using Email.

Everyone was on Insta and had a Blog. Everyone was relying on Social Media to reach their customers.

And then the Algorithms changed…

[Insert Panic Mode]

Maybe you can relate?

Has “start email list” been on your to do list forever?   

Now’s the time, my friend. I’ll show you the easy steps to set up your email list and reach the promised land — automatically making sales while you sleep.

Automatically reaching your customers when #instagramdown trends again.

With my friend Alana, swapping art in Canada.

Simple now. Fancy later.

I’m not going to tell you to do A/B Testing. Or to set up 27 layers of Segmentation. 

I’ll show you how to start your Email list with simple, easy steps so you can focus on exactly what you need to do to get your first 300 subscribers.

Sound good? Let’s continue.

Why my material works

Everything I share with you is a battle-tested method, using the same strategies I tested and re-tested at Bowflex, but with the mindset of a entrepreneur. 

I’ve cut out all the overwhelming stuff that you DON’T need. I’ll show you exactly what to do to get started and set yourself up for long-term results. 

The information you’re about to watch helped one of my private clients grow their revenue by up to 240%.

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