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I’m here to teach you how to make email your business rock star. Even with a small list, you’ll grow your revenue faster than any Facebook ad. Your connection starts with social media, but revenue happens over email..


Here’s why…

From Bowflex to Sawdust

I managed Customer Acqusition & Retention for Bowflex and ran point on Email and Direct Mail. 10 years later, I worked my way up and was responsible for making $40 million dollars a year.

As new technology emerged, email remained a revenue powerhouse. It continues to be where your audience prefers to make a purchase.

At Bowflex, I ran huge product launches. I had million dollar budgets. I LOVED it.

That is, until I had my third baby and couldn’t remember the last time I unpacked my suitcase. 

So, I did what any rational person with 10 years of Direct Marketing experience would do…I quit. And started a woodworking business.


Where are all the emails?

It’s like my favorite book I read my kids “Grace Runs for President”…where are all the female presidents? Where are all the EMAILS?

As a woodworker I met some freaking rad people. They were solopreneurs. Had online shops. Dreamers. Hustlers.

But hardly anyone was using Email.

Everyone was on Insta and a few had Blogs. Everyone was relying on Social Media to reach their customers.

And then the Algorithms changed…

[Insert Panic Mode]

Maybe you can relate?

Having an email list gives you control. Having an email list makes you more money than any other channel.


But Tara, email feels overwhelming

I get it. But, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as fancy marketers make it. The key is consistency and a few proven strategies.

I will show you what’s key for your online business. Are you ready to use email to make more money and have a direct line to your audience?

Create emails that convert

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