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I’m here to teach you how to make email your business rock star. Even with a small list, you’ll grow your revenue faster than any Facebook ad. Your connection starts with social media, but revenue happens over email.


Here’s why…

From Bowflex to Sawdust

I managed Customer Acqusition & Retention for Bowflex and ran point on Email and Direct Mail. 10 years later, I worked my way up and was responsible for making $40 million dollars a year.

As new technology emerged, email remained a revenue powerhouse. It continues to be where your audience prefers to make a purchase.

At Bowflex, I ran huge product launches. I had million dollar budgets. A consumer database that would make your heart skip a beat. I LOVED it.

That is, until I had my third baby and couldn’t remember the last time I unpacked my suitcase. 

So, I did what any rational person with 10 years of Direct Marketing experience would do…I quit. And started a woodworking business.


Where are all the emails?

It’s like my favorite book I read my kids “Grace Runs for President”…where are all the female presidents? Where are all the EMAILS?

As a woodworker I met some freaking rad people. They were solopreneurs. Had online shops. Dreamers. Hustlers.

But hardly anyone was using Email.

Everyone was on Insta and a few had Blogs. Everyone was relying on Social Media to reach their customers.

And then the Algorithms changed…

[Insert Panic Mode]

Maybe you can relate?

Having an email list gives you control. Having an email list makes you more money than any other channel.


But Tara, the tech makes me want to scream

I get it. But, as I write this, we’re in the midst of COVID-19 and every small business is relying on their email list to reach their customers. I can help you do it too.

My years at Bowflex gave me deep marketing knowledge, but my work as an entrepreneur gives me insight to simplify email and show you what’s key for small businesses, ditching the corporate playbook. My mission is to help every entrepreneur use email to make more money and connect with your audience.

What my clients say

Tara has done so much to enhance my email marketing. I was struggling with it before I hired her. Now it’s so much more engaging (my open rates avg 46%) and in one month, my email sales more than doubled.” – James Krieger, Weightology Research Review

The thing Tara has taught me the most is to slow down and she keeps me focused on the bigger picture. Without that focus, you really are just winging it. Her precision that has made a massive impact on my business.” – Paul Nobles, Eat To Perform

After 30 years in the fitness industry, I still didn’t have an email list. Tara helped me understand why a small, loyal email list is more valuable than “likes” on social media. She took implementation off my plate and let me focus on what I’m good at….training clients!” – Chad Landers, Push Private Fitness

Let’s work together

List not growing? Feel like your emails are going to a silent void? Totally overwhelmed by the tech?

I can help. I’m close to launching a new Email Sales Kit, but until then, check out my free tools (and be the first to hear when you can grab the Sales Kit).

Email tips to your fingertips

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