Hey, I’m Tara

I’ll simplify email for you and help you use it to grow your Fitness or Nutrition business.

Ditch the tech overwhelm and start using email to make money online (even with a small list). Here’s how…

My roots started at Bowflex

I spent 10 years at Bowflex, managing Customer Acquisition & Retention and ran point on Email and Direct Mail. By the time I left, I was responsible for making $40 million dollars a year.

As new technology emerged, email remained a revenue powerhouse. It continues to be where your audience prefers to make a purchase.

At Bowflex, I ran huge product launches. I had million dollar budgets. I LOVED it.

That is, until I had my third baby and couldn’t remember the last time I unpacked my suitcase. 

So, I took a leap.

My mission is to help every Fitness & Nutrition Pro use simple, no-nonsense email marketing to make more money online

Now I work exclusively with fit pros like you

I’ve taken every scrap of knowledge from Bowflex, but ditched the corporate playbook and simplified email so you can set up what makes you money without needing a full staff to get it done.

I won’t tell you to set up a fancy 32-step funnel or to use 30 different systems.

Instead, I’ll give you the proven tools you need and battle-tested strategy to sell more with email, using simple methods every Fit Pro can tackle.

If you’ve had “start email list” on your to-do for as long as you can remember, it’s time to dive in and grow your online business with email (the #1 channel your audience wants to buy through).

After 30 years in the fitness industry, I still didn’t have an email list. Tara helped me understand why a small, loyal email list is more valuable than “likes” on social media. She took implementation off my plate and let me focus on what I’m good at….training clients!

Chad Landers

Push Private Fitness Owner

Tara has done so much to enhance my email marketing. I was struggling with it before I hired her. Now it’s so much more engaging and in one month, my email sales more than doubled.

James Krieger


Now it’s your turn. Join your fellow fit pros making money with their email lists.