Learn 3 Simple Steps to Start and Grow your email list -- and get your first 300 subscribers.

  • Learn exactly how to get started, even if you feel like you don’t have enough content or know what to say.
  • Get an easy, proven method that ensures you get the right people on your list
  • Find out what to send to new subscribers and how to deliver value from Day 1

No more confusion or tech overwhelm. Learn exactly how to start and tackle your email list once and for all.


What you’ll learn

Find out exactly what to do so you get the right people on your list and maximize email sign ups.

Forget complicated segmentation for now. Find out the ONE email you need to set up to get started.

Find out how often to email your subscribers in the first week and a simple method that will add value from Day 1.

Leave the overwhelm behind. Let’s build your email list with easy, simple steps.


  • You know an email list would help you grow your business, but you have no idea where to start.
  • You’ve set up your email account, but you’re worried you don’t have enough content to send & are stuck in paralysis mode.
  • You’re completely overwhelmed by segmentation, funnels and feel like you have to be perfect before you can start (you don’t).